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Many times a new computer can be slowed down by programs put on by the manufacturer. A simple tune-up on a new computer to turn off unwanted "parasite" programs can greatly improve performance and in many cases allow you to enjoy your computer trouble free for many years.

Our approach to services calls is unique. A tech pays you a visit and determines if the problem can be fixed on the premises. If the problem can be fixed without a trip to the shop then the customer is simply charged $45.00 per hour for time on the job and any parts used, minus of course any discounts like the Spring Tune-up Special. If the problem requires formatting and re-installation of the operating system (a flat fee of $105.00 for most) or a trip to the shop for other repairs (shop rate is only $35.00 per hour) then after the repairs the computer is re-installed at your house or business for the cost of shop repairs and the original 1 hour service call charge. That means you get your computer reconnected at your premise for no additional charge. When we leave you, your computer is hooked up to the internet, working, printing and copying like it was when it was new.