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Website Price & Specification Chart

(all prices are subject to change without notice)

Single Page
5 Page
20 Page
Website Design Fees*
$375/ SEO  $210/NO SEO**
$575/SEO $350/NO SEO**
$700/NO SEO**
Inquire For
Additional Pages

Up to 2 hours consultation with client concerning Web strategy, site design, general Internet orientation, training, etc. Telephone charges are at client's expense.

Text is supplied by the client in electronic format. Text is limited to 1,200 words per web page. Longer web pages may be subject to additional design fees, especially if they require a great deal of formatting.
Photos or Graphics
External Links - Not including an email link on each page
Email Forward
2 Addresses
No Charge
More than 2 email forwards $30.00 Each
Data Table
Single table up to 30 cells total
Meta Tags and Indexing Included up to 20 tag keywords.
Updating Minor updating over first six months of the contract.

* Note - We are not a web hosting service. Please let us search for the proper name and help you make the best choice for your lowest cost web hosting. Fees cited above do not include ongoing web hosting fees. We will refer you, however, to business-friendly web hosting services who specialize in web hosting and provide good prices and reliable services. Expect to pay between $7 and $23 monthly, depending upon your site's particular requirements. Setup fees are typically free with the hosting company I use. Also a domain registration service will charge you about $8-$15 for a domain name registration which is good for one year. Please contact us before selecting a web hosting service or a domain name, if possible.

** SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Additional Options:

Mailing List
Highly recommended for newsletters and announcements of specials to previous visitors to the site.
Thumbnail/Large Photo Pairs
A "clickable" thumbnail photo loads a larger screen-size photo.

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