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Capital Investing Group, LLC

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    Our goal at Capital Investing Group (CIG) is to put together sound investment projects across all of North America. We do the months of intense research on all potential professional team members, such as architects, builders, and project managers. All team members have to operate with high levels of integrity and a solid history to be asked to join our team. We then go in with our legal staff and have them sign binding contracts to ensure there jobs are done in the most timely and cost efficient way. All of this is done to protect us and all of our clients. After we have been completed months of work, we have a solid foundation for a positive investment opportunity. Along with building homes in emerging markets we also have located many cities across the nation that appreciates over 25% per year. We then found small to mid size builders in those areas that will allow us to purchase in their active projects and allow us to re-sell immediately after the construction process is completed. This strategy is a great way to leverage yourself and your money for massive earnings. The combination of these two strategies has the power to grow millions of dollars for your future with very limited cash upfront. We look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions that you might have, and hope that you can join us on our path to financial freedom.  

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