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Capital Investing Group, LLC

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The founders of Capital Investing Group decided to pool their talents to form a strong business entity. 

The talent and notoriety of Jeff Merrick and Andrea Rolf in the hospitality industry creates the uniqueness of this service.

Jeff Merrick has a history of sales and business savvy. Knowing how numbers work to benefit each client, he manages to attract even the most skeptics. He has a flare for conversation and has successfully established his business with unique products and marketing skills. 

Andrea Rolf has a history of an engineering background with an eye for detail. She oversees projects with precise performance. She easily grasped the real estate industry, talks with enough professionals to make the toughest decisions. 

Our company cannot make decisions for clients as we only offer opportunities to consider. The clients make their decisions based on the provided documents given to them from the builder or professional in charge of that particular project and by reviewing the market analysis for each area of interest. Clients will know if any project is worth pursuing based on their own financial status, desires and market condition. 

We, at Capital Investing Group, will be helping many people achieve their goals. We decided, if we were going to make money as a business, we will help as many people as possible along the way. We accepted that challenge and want to continue this path for many years.

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